Monitoring procurements in public sector according to BTW methodology

DevCon was asked to provide its expertise in support to implementation of a contract, signed between the Open Society Fund in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Center for the Improvement of Corporate Governance, in connection with implementation the Balkan Tender Watch – BTW Project. This engegement involved monitoring of public procurements processes of selected institutions in accordance with the BTW methodology and preparation of relevant report. The report also contains an overview of the key challenges in public procurement, and gives assessment of potential and sustainability of implementation of BTW methodology and its benchmarking tools, as well as the set of recommendations for regional engagement.

As a part of this work, the meetings were organised with the grassroots organizations: Transparency International, E-trafika, Eda, Gea and CIN. Also, a press conference was held to present the main findings of the report on monitored public procurements.

The report was also presented at the BTW regional conference organised at Hotel Terme Fruška Gora in June 2022.

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